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This blog is for recording my daily progress for Andrieh Vitamus’ #DOMAGICK 30 day challenges.

I keep Imps of Ink for my other writings. Please do visit if you are so inclined.


P.S. Past challenge entries currently housed over at Imps will be archived here as pages.



“What new beginnings await in the dark?”

That is a question I recently read (& loved so much that I wrote it in my planner), and which has stayed with me since Halloween.

Once upon a time, I was firmly in the camp of clear boundaries: for example, Samhain was the firm end of the old year (summer) and the start of the new year (winter). Now, I lean more toward this season marking the liminal threshold between the old and the new.

In that vein, I have realised that I am no longer content (or inspired) to keep two blogs here. Therefore, Notes from the Underground will become a private space for me to think and plan. My new public space will be Imps of Ink.

Thank you, and I hope to see you in my new space soon.