#DoMagick – Just another Migraine Monday, the hellish remix (Days 24 & 25)

24 April – Gym day was cancelled. The weather is presenting that particular pressure front that stalls, and my migraine intensified to the point where driving was out of the question. It was another early-to-bed night with a focus on breathing through the pain spikes.

25 April – After a poor night’s sleep, I was able to go to work — mainly because I got the schedule wrong and though it was an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ day. I got through the day with rest stops, and more than a few moments of sitting with my hand over one eye until the light stopped stabbing my brain. The kids handled it well — I straight up told them that my head felt like it was going to explode — and we had a decent day.

Right now, I’m in the woozy ‘hang-over’ stage and concentration is scattered. I am cluing into my body telling me that I just need rest. Journalling can wait, and I can play more with breathing.

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