#DoMagick – Just another Migraine Monday (Day23)

After posting the update for Sunday’s work, I had every good intention of doing some cleansing/healing work, coupled with breathing exercises. Monday was, well, excruciatingly exhausting at work, and it caught up with me. A pressure system parked over us in anticipation of today’s rain didn’t help the mix, and I found myself hitting a wall.

I don’t often have, “Oh my god! Please shoot me,” days at work — most of them are tolerable with breathing and taking breaks, but yesterday was a bona fide migraine inducer.

I listened to myself after asking, “What do you need?” Hot food, a quiet room, and rest. That’s what I needed. I ate (La Molisana Fusilli Corti Bucati with white clam sauce – a got to comfort food) and went to bed. I experimented with breathing techniques, paying very close attention to which ones helped alleviate the headache and which ones didn’t really do much. I found the continuous breathing without pauses or rests between inhalation and exhalation worked the best. Breathing with pauses did not help at all. Continuous breathing also helped me slip into a trance-like state, allowing me to relax enough to slip into sleep without needing to take a heavy duty pain-killer. I’ll be remembering that for the next migraine.

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