#DoMagick – Check-in (Day22)

It was a check-in day for me, and that means some stats. Ten successful workouts have been accomplished. I am feeling better health and energy-wise, and my clothes are fitting much better. Some, happily, will be retired because they are too big.

So — measurement day.

Date: 31 March, 2018
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 286 lbs
Arms: 20 in
Chest: 46 in
Navel 1: 48 in
Navel 2: 50 in
Hips: 53 in
Thighs: 25 in
Date: 22 April, 2018
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 275 lbs
Arms: 17 in
Chest: 45.5 in
Navel 1: 44 in
Navel 2: 49 in
Hips: 50 in
Thighs: 24 in

This is the last measuring check-in for this challenge, but I will be keeping it going until I reach my goal weight and fitness level.

And, I’m keeping this close to me so I can look at the numbers in black-and-white when I feel like I’m ‘not doing enough magic’ this challenge. Self-transformation is occurring! It is slow and steady… and magical.

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