#DoMagick – The treadmill of the gods grinds finely (Days 13 , 14, & 15)

April, Friday the 13th (Day 13) – the wider ripples of this day remain to be seen, although I have made it quite clear to the Powers-That-Be that I’m going to be quite vexed if the Orange Cheeto breaks the planet. I’m overly fond of it and many of its inhabitants.

In #DoMagick news, it was a gym day. I needed the chance to release a lot of pent up frustration — half days are super hard on children who thrive on rigid routines. They just do not cope well with the schedule change, and no matter how regular we try to keep their schedule, it’s a battle to stay calm and (re)reassure them as they need it (which can be as often as once every 5 minutes).

14 April – It was a gorgeous day, the kind that makes you feel itchy in the skin if you are staying indoors. I seized the chance to take the dog for a nice long walk and just breathe in the contentment of living before journalling and doing my breathing exercises. It’s a steady exercise, building the belly fire, and I feel like the creative inner flame is growing and being sustained.

In more subtle realms, I am feeling some shifts in how my days are unfolding. They seem to be easier to stay connect to inner calm, and unreasonable (irrational) worries aren’t rising up to taunt me.

15 April – Today is a gym day. I need it to get comfy in my new trainers. The back heel is higher than my old pair and it is blister city. Thank the good gods for gel-skin blister bandages and Orajel, which works very well on numbing blister pain as much as teething/tooth issues. I remember thinking ‘this is either going to be a really good idea or a really bad idea’ yesterday when I put it on the blisters. Living dangerously, that’s me. ~grin~

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