#DoMagick – I bloated me for science (Days 11 & 12)

Wednesday, 11 April – I did my journalling, 30 minutes at the page, and still felt a general discontent. I felt like I hit a plateau — and we all can admit how grinding it can be to traverse those — and wasn’t quite sure how to remedy the situation. I also didn’t quite know how to shake the feeling that I sould be doing ‘more’ in this challenge, even though I logically know that self-transformation (in my case) is involving a lot of inward, reflective work.

Wawa1 came to the rescue. It is Wawa day (the anniversary of their first store opening) and any size coffee is gratis today. It was while I was browsing for something to get for breakfast that it dawned on me that while I had tons of data on my dietary habits since 01 April, I really didn’t have any dat from before the challenge. Any comparisions were going to be incomplete.

I decided that today would remedy that.

Thursday, 12 April – Okay, that may have been a regretful decision. I shopped consciously and got the most healthy choices of food that I would have gotten before I started the challenge. I also got a salad for lunch — again, thinking of what I would have bought on a normal day in March. I recorded all the nutritional values in MyFitnesssPal — and blanched. My healthy choices weren’t looking so good in black and white (or the computer screen, as it were). It was also shrimp popper day, and well, pre-challenge me wouldn’t have passed that up, because, “hey! it’s a P.E. day and I have a salad.”

MyFitnessPal nearly had a heart attack when I entered that day and kept yelling at me each time I put the food in. I almost cried, too, because pre-challenge me would have thought that these choices weren’t all that terrible. It’s school lunch, it’s nutritious, right? Oh my friends… lobby your politicos. This is the only meal some children get, and it is not doing them any favours. An hour after lunch, it hit. I felt bloated and lethargic. All I wanted to do was sleep. I really felt bad.

Five and half hours later, I feel a bit better, but still feel like I gained back all the weight I’ve worked off. The only reason I feel better is because I sat and did deep breathing exercises before sitting quietly in my centre for 10 minutes just being mindful of my breath.

Tonight’s dinner choice is going to be more in-line with my challenge diet because it is quick and convenient, as I am set to go off to errands after I post.

I dread weighing myself tomorrow, but in the interest of full, complete data, that’s what I’ll be doing.

P.S. Yes, I am totally singing She Blinded me with Science in my head typing this.

1. Wawa is an American chain of convenience stores and gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States.

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