#DoMagick – Breathe in, breathe out (Day 9)

Time to get the fire burning back in my belly.

First, I bought a yoga class from the Daily Om and will be starting to go at my own pace this Wednesday. It will be a wonderful compliment to the strength training I am doing at the gym.

Second, I began to get the energy moving within now that the system has been flushed of toxins and build-up. I sat and did the Cleansing Life Force exercise found in Chapter 2 of Kissing the Limitless. I found my still centre and began to breathe, feeling life energy in every breath taken. Then I began to circulate this energy through myself, feeling it begin to unbind and loosen energetic blocks within me.

Gathering the life energy into my hands, I sent it down into a glass of water until the water was luminous with this life power. When the water was fully charged, I drank it, feeling the healing energy washing through me, going were it was most needed. When I finished, I breathed up a prayer for healing to my God Soul.

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