#DoMagick – Like Orpheus with hope entangled (Day 4)

It was a journalling day. I spent 30 minutes sitting with some questions to answer about the state of my life right now as it is. It was a bit like the Whole-10 (where you shade in on a chart your contentment level with life areas on a scale of 1 to 10) butwith an honest assessment of where you are instead of just colouring. Not that there is anything wrong with colouring where you are — it’s a bit like topography on a terrain map — but it doesn’t really help to orient me as to where I really am.

Ten life areas (money, health, sex life, etc.) and a timer. Three minutes for each area and I wrote the first things that came into my head without over-analysing the responses. It is a good starting place, and one that will be revisited over the course of the month to see how I am progressing in these areas.