#DoMagick – Dream Yourself Awake (day 1)

Inauguration day! Fitting that it is also Easter Sunday – a very traditional day for rebirth into the new.  And, if I am not fully risen into a new, transformed me, I have at least taken my first steps onto that path.

Today was a gym day. It is also April Fool’s Day, and the universe is hilarious as today is also -tada!- the first day of my menstrual cycle. Hi-lar-ious.

So, I settled for an hour speed-walking jam on the dreadmill, er treadmill, and clocked in an easy 2.6 miles while getting my heart rate up to a steady 135 bpm. Nutritional goals have also been met, as per MyFitnessPal.

I began reading Part I, Chapter 1 of Kissing the Limitless this morning with my coffee. I came to the first reflection and sat with the question for some time before opening up my journal and writing uninterrupted for 10 minutes. Tomorrow will be devoted to further reading and doing the work in the first exercise and the second reflection.

Start date – 01 April, 2018
Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 286 lbs
Calories: 2,002 Consumed minus 581 Active equals 1,421 Net