We are the dreams of mortal men~

Tomorrow kicks off the next, active portion of a 30 day #DoMagick challenge. This one, as stated previously, is focusing in on self-alchemy. I have finished up my research portion, and am happy with the plan that I will be working with for April.

It is a two-fold (pronged?) approach that will focus on both body and spirit. The past challenges have helped me to reclaim the ability to meditate in an active and passive manner — skills that I should not let get rusty again. And as spring is rising and calling us to be more active, it has become easier to add a bit more movement to my week. So has the $10/month membership fee Planet Fitness ran as a grand opening special in January — it was one of those “I really can’t afford not to do this” situations.

So, for the physical bit, I’ve done the preliminary weigh-in and measurement recording. Stats! Don’t we all just love stats. And, I showed remarkable self-compassion by not giving into the temptation to sing “Baby Beluga” whilst recording all the numbers. (The ‘no-judgement zone’ philosophy of PF is rubbing off on me.) I’ve also dusted off the Garmin step-tracker, the MyFitnessPal account, and the RunKeeper account. Worry not, however, these posts will not and are not intended to bore you to tears with my micromanagement of nutrition and exercise details. The data collection gremlins can hoard all of that in their megatropolis of data banks and attempt targeting adverts to me that I will promptly ignore. I will however, report that I did exercise on the days scheduled, as well reporting my nutritional goals as met or not.

On the spiritual front, I will be (re)building my foundations using the practices in Thorn Coyle’s Kissing the Limitless. I’ve read the book before, and enjoyed it, without really do much beyond that. This year, I’m feeling an itch to get back more to my witch roots — not that the path of the magician hasn’t helped me at all this past year — and this is the work that is calling to me. I will be starting to work through Part I and will continue onward from there. Needless to say, this will take longer than just April, and that is good. For recording purposes, I will share what exercise I did and possible excerpts from the journal work.

Here’s to a magickal month!

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