Per audacia ad astra~

March is progressing toward its ending with a bit more rapidity than I’d prefer given that I am still roughing out my participation schedule for April’s doing portion of the #DoMagick challenge.

Challenge Two: Transformation – Self Alchemy, Ascension, Cleansing
Dates: March (Phase 1) & April (Phase 2)
April’s theme is about transformation. Transformation can encompass various aspects such as ascension, self-alchemy, & cleansing. In this challenge, we are focusing on a point in our lives which we would like transformed & alchemized. All techniques and systems are on the table.

Participation in the previous two challenges has been beneficial in helping me identify blocks and patterns of operating that I do not necessarily wish to carry with me into the future.

I am an unhealthy witch. I am currently unable to keep my energy clean and boundaries firmly established so that I can keep myself in dynamic balance. My diet has been crap and exercise has been something undertaken as 1) a side note, 2) an obligation, and/or 3) under duress.  In this state, I cannot dive down and do the deep work that I need to do and return sane. This state is what must change.

My transformation goal is to become healthy: to clean up my diet, exercise and do energy work regularly.

This goal achieving change will be coming from a two-fold strategy. I will be coupling physical exercise (at least 3x per week) with daily breath work to help me make the physical and mental changes I want to see in myself. In addition, I will be focusing on making exercise, grocery shopping, and meal preparation an act of devotion to my transformation to my best self.

Witch got game — and it’s time to bring it.

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