Autumn rides in~

It’s another grey and sleepy day with the rain alternating between mist and deluge with neither rhyme nor reason behind it.

And, it is a day I feel called upon to pray; to touch and acknowledge the Power of Creation as we approach the dark gate of winter and the stillness within.

And so I do, and it is good.

From the deepening green of the forest canopy, a bright green flash of green drops to the ground. A grass snake, delivered from the downpour and sheltering in the boughs of a tree, has chosen to seek another refuge from the weather. My eyes lose track of it in the shaggy grass and I am left wishing it safety in its quest.

My eyes travel back up to the trees and I see now green is edged and lined with brown, red, and gold. Spring’s verdant fire is withdrawing back into branches, back into trunks, back down to slumber in the earth. Summer’s flame burns brightly still on the dogwood; whose berries provide mast for squirrels and birds alike. Further along the bounds of the wood, staghorn sumac regally bears purple berries while yarrow heads sway golden in the wind. Autumn rides in, wet and wild, and I give thanks~

Thanks for the water,
Thanks for the trees,
Thanks for the dying and dancing leaves.
Thanks for the fruits of summer’s sun.
Thanks for the darkening days and their promise of rest,
Thanks to my Ancestors as they watch from the West.

Witches in Fiction 2016~

The amazingly wonderful Magaly Guerrero is hosting Witches in Fiction once more. The theme this year is one that I have been chasing the past year or so… as have many of us, I suspect.


The poster is spectacular. I am enjoying my close examinations of it, and already the ideas are forming in the aether between my ears. I look forward to both writing and reading this year, and urge you all to fly over and sign up.

Turning tides on the Chesapeake~

Such contradictions a new school year always brings. Fresh on the heels of a new creative start, brought about in turn by a fresh location in a black-mould free home, a new year with an extremely demanding set of students began. In the midst of that chaos, I did get one(!) story segment written. I have the second one mostly ready to go. Ambrogio has been telling me of the events that happen, and when, and yet I’ve been too exhausted to sit and type (much less write by hand) for the past two weeks.

No more! Today I came across an article in Daily Om and this quote just resonates with me a great deal:

Getting worn out and run down robs you of receiving what you need from the universe.

I needed to see these words today. I know that I can change my nonexistant energy levels and begin to live the energised, creative life I envision for myself. The article continues: Whenever you are feeling run down, take an honest look at how you have been thinking, feeling and acting. You will likely find a belief, behavior pattern or even a relationship that is out of alignment with who you really are.

I can put my finger on several key issues right now, and will be working to change how I contribute my energy to those situations and people. I will also be consciously watching my language about how I am narrating my own life. For example, the phrase, “I am so tired.” is going to be eliminated as of now. I will replace it with “I need a little more rest.” and then take steps to give myself that rest as I change my orientation and perception of events.

Autumn magic… I cannot wait to see how it does work on me, my outlook, and my creativity.

Late summer’s heating up

Just bought a bottle of Apothic’s new blend Inferno.

A new blend emerges from the flame of a time-honored craft, creating a most unexpected and masterful encounter. This small batch wine has been aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels. Red and dark fruit combine with layers of maple and spice, giving way to a long clean finish.

I heartily approve and have found a new love.


witch box

And then there were four~

I can now see floor — cleared floor — in all the rooms! What was 40 boxes is now 4.

The time-sink was organising as I unpacked. No more piles of material to be ‘sorted through later’ because that just ends up being piles of stuff that gets rearranged and never properly put away. It is all properly put away in its place and I am well pleased.

Had a small health concern with my daughter. She got infected with Lyme disease this summer, but as she was asymptomatic (no rash, no fever, no bull’s eye target), it was only by chance that she got properly diagnosed. They sent her blood off to test ‘just to be on the safe side’ and I am thankful they did.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel
silivren penna míriel
o menel aglar elenath!
Na-chaered palan-díriel
o galadhremmin ennorath,
Fanuilos, le linnathon
nef aear, sí nef aearon!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees
The starlight on the Western Seas
~J.R.R. Tolkien

And, as a result of all the consults, I was able to get my first reading of Star.Ships by Gordon White completed.

Quick impressions — everything he says about academia (as a former rat in that race) is spot on correct, doubly so about Egyptology. I felt quite vindicated and will buy him the drink of his choice should we ever meet in person. As for the rest, it is brilliant — go read it! — and renews my passion in singing.

Sing to the stars. They like it.



Slowly, I am coming to call the new apartment home. It is filled with boxes and bags at the moment, but mostly in the public spaces. My own space is (mostly) unpacked and set up to my liking. I have set aside the space I have wanted for a long age to write, meditate, exercise, and work magic in. The same can be said for the children. They have decorated and personalised their spaces as they wanted, and I feel that this has lent a wonderful energy to the move. The common area is a mess, but each of us has a haven that is our own. Slowly we are coming to consensus over the common area.

I have gotten rid of a lot of old clutter and things that I was guilted into taking from others. In that, I have taken a leaf from my brother’s book — he’s always been adamant about his style, and while he does have some objects with sentimental value attached to them, he never took everything when given puppy dog eyes by my mother. Having a month to move has given me the luxury of examining everything that I’ve brought with me — and if I didn’t want it, it has been donated and/or otherwise rehoused.

I feel lighter. I also feel like this is my home — with my stamp on it and not the decorating dictates of others (mother and cousin, mostly). Defying gravity, indeed.

And it feels good.


Some days, I just cackle to myself

Yesterday, I physically cleaned the new apartment. Today, I cleaned in other ways. Part of that cleaning was to go out into the yard and clear out the plastic crap left behind by the previous tenants. After I got the plastic detritus out of the trio of small trees, I made offerings of fresh water and incense to the spirits.

I did not realise I had an audience. The neighbour children were staring intently at me as I made the offerings, and after I made eye contact with them, they went screaming into their apartment shouting , “Moooooooom!”

Quiet cackling then occurred.

So, if currently questioned whether I was a good witch or a bad witch, I feel that I’d have to honestly answer, “Some from column A, some from column B.”

Deal with it, Munchkins.


State of the Witch – the Midsummer edition

Be careful what you enchant for — you just might get it.

A paraphrase, of course, but many good things in life sometimes are a reworking of the old. For some time, there has been a pressure on me, a log-jam of things building behind me, waiting for the block to burst and give forth. This summer, it has happened in a sudden and (fortunately) mostly contained within a controlled chaos.

Close friends know of the landlord battles for repairs that I’ve been engaging in for years, the trips to court and escrow accounts… this year, they’ve come to a head. The foundation in my hallway is cracked, and there is raw sewage seeping up into the carpet. Our local health department doesn’t hold kindly with that, and the landlord is now required to effect repairs. The laundry list of repair woes was given directly into the hands of the CEO of the holding company, and she was horrified by the list and the fact that nothing was ever done. I suggested that the issue lay with one of the property management companies she had hired to oversee the property. However, this fix necessitates a move. Now, we have July to move to a new unit while this one is gutted and renovated inside and out.

Given the layers of magic woven into this home, we didn’t really want to move permanently. Not yet, at least — the permanent move has specific directives involved with it that are still future enchantments. Thankfully, we reached the conclusion that after this unit is renovated (and I’m thinking that it will be a 5-8 month project, at least) we can move back in or elect to stay in the new unit. Cementing the agreement, we will be keeping this address as our street address (saving me the red-tape nightmare of informing foreign bureaucratic entities of the move). Given how fond we are of this location, I’m feeling that we’ll choose to move back.

This week, I’ll be starting to take down some things and speaking with the spirits to let them know where we’ll be going. It’s a short journey away and they will be able to follow and/or visit should they choose. If only they could carry boxes for me.

Forging the body of the Witch — Scarlet Imprint

An excellent essay worth reading and rereading.

Forging the body of the Witch is the talk delivered by Peter Grey at the Occult Conference in London, England, 18th June 2016. Eroticism, ordeal, actions and contact. Stages on the path to the acquisition and conquest of magical power in the practice of corporeal witchcraft. ¶ Witchcraft is the work of the body, of its…

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